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We are a group of companies provide a full range of integrated services and solutions to transform business digitally.

We combine business services and technology to create outstanding experiences for your corporation’s culture, strategy, employees, and customers from back-end integration solutions, through process digitization to innovative business models and updated technology in order to transform your business digitally.

At Logic Group, we are working in depth and detail, love analysis, and enjoy problem-solving to provide the perfect solution using modern technology and updated business methodology to make a qualitative leap for your business.


Expert of Businss and Technology.

LOGIC. Or, to put it another way, the ability to reason analytically. Applied properly, it can overcome any lack of wisdom, which one only gains through age and experience.

Since we began in 2002, we have the ability to design, adapt and implement business and operating models, access and utilization of resources, through technology and technology ecosystems and thus achieve commanding levels of performance.

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